Investment analysis
(A) spot gold and dollar interactions
international spot gold is priced in dollars, yellow spot very close interaction between gold and the dollar, General dollar up, gold down; the reverse relationship of the dollar fell, gold rose. In fundamentals, capital and under normal conditions of supply and demand, gold and the dollar reverse interaction is an important basis for investors to judge the spot gold. For example, in May 2005 the international spot gold falling $ 730 an ounce to $ 541 per ounce, spot gold is one of the main reasons for the collapse caused the market expect the Fed will raise rates again at that time, the dollar will rebound, resulting in deep adjustment of spot gold.
(b) spot gold
the relationship between crude oil prices and oil prices and gold markets are closely linked, and the reason is that gold has a function of defence against inflation, while international crude oil prices and inflation, therefore, yellow spot Huang Jinge had positive interaction with the International crude oil price. For example, quarter of 2005 due to the impact of Hurricane Katrina, resulting in huge rises in international crude oil prices, the international spot gold rose sharply.
(c) spot gold and commodity market linkage relationships of
as China, India, and Russia, and Brazil "BRIC" continuing economic rise, continued strong demand for commodities such as nonferrous metals, plus international hedge fund speculation, resulting in non-ferrous metals, precious metals and other international since 2001, continuing strong gains in commodity prices, this is the embodiment of commodity market price linkage. Investors in judging the yellow spot gold movements, must pay close attention to trends in international commodity markets, in particular non-ferrous metals prices.
(d) spot gold
the relationship between the international gold market and the stock market's history shows that, in most cases, gold and the stock market is also function in reverse, when the stock market soared, yellow spot gold fell, and vice versa. However, due to China's mainland stock market is relatively closed, yellow gold were mixed with the mainland stock market and there is no significant correlation, but with important outside the stock market (such as New York, Tokyo, London) there is a strong correlation.
(v) spot gold
seasonal and market factors of supply and demand relationship is the basis of market supply and demand, yellow spot gold prices and international spot gold is closely related to the supply and demand of the market, spot gold market tends to have a strong seasonal supply and demand pattern, spot gold consumption in the first half in the off-season in recent years gold typically occurs around the bottom in the second quarter. Starting from the third quarter, driven by factors such as holidays, consumer demand for gold will increase to the annual Spring Festival, under the influence of consumption in Asian countries, spot gold demand will gradually peaked, making spot gold rose
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