Continued international spot gold and silver prices rose after volatile downward trend

Early last week the international spot gold and silver prices rose after continued downside shocks. On one hand, September meeting minutes said most fed officials still expected QE began to be reduced during the year and Yellen was Obama's official nomination as Chairman of the Federal Reserve at its next, soaring dollar index weighed on precious metals prices plunged and on Thursday United States debt ceiling temporarily easing, suppression of safe-haven buying of precious metals. This week around the United States Government stalled and debt ceiling discussions has always been the main focus of the market, many investors think the United States of America of uncertainty may lead to safe-haven buying of gold. But the fact is that gold's rally is just a blip. The fed on Wednesday released a September 17-18th meeting of the Federal open market Committee minutes of the file. Meeting minutes showed that many officials at last month's meeting of the Federal Reserve is "reluctantly" agreed not to reduce quantitative easing (QE) size of the decision, but most officials expected QE will begin to be reduced during the year. It is obvious that, as the United States economy gradually recovers, the United States will take action sooner or later. For precious metals, this is bad news for a long time, especially the "boots" has been unable to drop cases, cuts are expected to suppress the price of gold. And the really bad after the cash, but do not rule out the possibility of a rebound in gold prices.
prospect of the week: as the United States shut down the Government, including non-agricultural economic data have been delayed release. After long negotiations, United States whether the two parties can resolve their differences and agree on will be the main attraction. Considering that gold's decline has been more obvious, so if there is a United States of good news, gold may be raised after the first. Of course, if unforeseen circumstances-the United States defaulted, a gold is a great positive stimulus, but the probability now is very small.
operational recommendations:
1282 dollars an ounce after key support below, long before the $ 1180/1210/oz only $ 1267 per ounce can rely on. On current trends, fell below $ 1267 per ounce was just a matter of time, once further broken, then the year low of 1180 USD/Oz is short for the next goal, concern over resistance at 1274 location, below the support level 1260.00. Monthly silver fork under the MA10 has MA60, weekly Bollinger rail failed to break in, and the downward trend has not changed the date line. Afternoon interval fluctuations should be in 22---18. Attention above the resistance levels: 21.5 location, below the support level: 20.90.  
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