Golden trap "plain" city 2015 market test of investor patience

in the context of the Federal Reserve will soon start raising interest rates, experts say, 2015 gold could still face repression of the strong dollar, while low inflation would also put constraints on gold market environment, however, the price of gold has returned to the part of the manufacturer's production line, continue to crash or cause production support, 2015 gold, test the patience of investors.

compensates for the gold market again

1184.1! 2014 the New York markets closed still below $ 1200, 2014 years gold price decline reduced to 1.5%. On the spot market, London's spot price to close at $ 1183.3 an ounce, compared with the previous closing slightly lower at the end of 1.7%.

compared with the plunge in 2013, in the eyes of many investors, 2014 the gold market seems tepid. While Gold's safe-haven emerging market turmoil earlier this year highlighted the role, gold prices had spiked almost US $ 1400, but with the Federal Reserve confirm exit gradually easing, and begin to discuss when the open raising interest rates, gold investments are relatively vulnerable push gold prices continued to drop in interest-bearing assets.

statistics show that gold market the nearest years EURUSD also dates back to 1999, when gold sold gold reserves by central banks, as well as folk game of buying gold, drop of only 0.26% a year, through such a narrow band of gold, then gradually enter more than 10 years of "Super Bull".

with the consolidation of the gold market, the current differences of markets has increased. Reporter visited shopping malls and other consumer markets found prices relatively low levels and the impact of holidays, many consumers took gold in the spending plan. "Although there has been discussion on gold could fall on the one hand, but recent price did not change much, on the other hand near the end of the, buy gold already in the plan. "Buying gold ornaments in gold shops on Nanjing Road in Shanghai Huang told reporters.

and as gold producers, gold-mining companies still appear to be for a possible decline in "hedging". A Societe Generale report showed 2014 gold producers hedge amount could reach 42 to 52 tons, which is the most since 1999 year. "Especially in third quarter of 2014, according to our survey, many mining companies are rethinking hedge strategy. "The head of a private equity fund in Shanghai said.

a strong dollar and low inflation 2015 gold grams "Tiger"

industry experts believe that gold back in 2014, Ukraine geopolitical and including the ruble crisis in emerging markets, risk aversion movements affect the gold market, but investors always remained most concerned about the strong dollar's interpretation. Entered in 2015, $ gold's "seesaw" effect how would evolution? Golden City which factors influence?

data show that 2014 years tracking the strength of the dollar against a basket of currencies exchange rates dollar index surged more than 12%, refreshing the eight-year highs. "Judging from the current market situation, although most investors on the dollar's strength may differ to the rhythm of, but it seems there is no institution in the dollar bears. "Industrial Bank (601166 unit), said Jiang Shu, gold analyst, in the case of a strong dollar, long-term trend, bull market in gold has been difficult to go back to the State.

markets widely expect Fed rate hike or opens in the year 2015, United States economic growth and the prospect of the Fed raising interest rates will weigh on gold gained kinetic energy. "Investment strategies, for the dollar index rising, investors cannot rashly assumed exchange rates irrelevant, but should prevent precious metals on the delayed reaction of the dollar. "Jiang Shu said.

in fact, in addition to a strong dollar, low inflation will be 2015, facing a new negative, gold. 2014 crude took gold fell "baton" fell more than 40% over the year, led sharp falls in global commodity prices. Investment bank Goldman Sachs suggested that "oil prices downward would increase the downward pressure on inflation, might even give some pressure on core inflation, oil consuming countries. "

in a number of research institutions in 2015, global macroeconomic themes or" low interest rates and low inflation ", which makes investments to fight inflation-another important supporting factor for gold again" spent ".

gold investment grasp the rhythm

continued depressed gold market, has been robbed of gold "Chinese mother" back in sight. According to statistics, if end of April 2013 first round Rob gold surges as high as calculated, many Chinese aunt 1 gram gold losses at around 50 Yuan, for investors, how to more safely in the market under the new normal participation in the gold market?

"buy gold first of all understand consumer behavior and investment behavior. "Jiang Shu believes that purchase of gold bars, and gold ornaments for different purposes, the result will be different. Gold jewelry, don't be too price-sensitive consumers, periodic low buy-and-hold, and if it is the investment objective, purpose of investor buying was due to liquidation value, still need to be cautious in the current volatility.

"the current market environment, using or dealing in physical gold and gold products to profit is not easy. "A city commercial bank traders suggested that investors first want to risk control, arranging the line length of investment, and to follow up on the money and position adjustment, to deal with the complex movements of the current gold market.

Gold Financial Division Jun Lu said, General Shang, 2015 gold fell to three bit number is has may of, reasons is economic of recovery, and low inflation, and currency trend stable, and currency stable brings of Bank purchased gold needs may reduced, this a expected of only variables is gold of supply, if gold continued plunged, high cost of gold producers or will production even discontinued, that will for Gold built end of.

in the view of some experts, if this is a long-term investment, the current gold or already have and investment value. "The United States tightening of monetary policy, real interest rates rising precious metals prices will have an impact on global basis, large amounts of the money supply, real interest rates rise on gold could not be suppressed to a rally before the start, maybe even larger low difficulty during the 2008 financial crisis, the margin of safety of the precious metal gradually began to assume. "Da future Sun yonggang, an analyst said.

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