November 2014 Turkey 46.9 tons of gold imports to 1.5 years

November 2014 Turkey's gold imports reached record levels, according to the Istanbul gold exchange data show that imports of gold for the country in November, 46.9 tons, reached nearly $ 2 billion, this is Turkey gold imports 1.5 years since the largest single month.

October 2014 Turkey imports only 6.6 tons of gold, almost doubled to November 6 times to 46.9 tons, compared with the same period in 2013, November's gold imports doubled and 19.3 tons were imported at that time.

but in 2014 in the first 11 months, Turkey's gold imports from 2013 56%, 270.7 tons dropped to 119.1 tons. However, one should note that 2013 Turkey imported gold is used and the Iran deal.

Turkey's gold import lots for purposes other than domestic demand, will be exported to India, and Iran and the Middle East. Turkey people who prefer physical gold, such as gold as an inflation hedge.

imported large amounts of gold that Turkey's trade deficit are affected, sweaters of the November deficit reached 8.3 billion dollars, higher than the previous estimate of $ 1 million.

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