The dollar index to rise to 90? Gold and silver goal looming?

the dollar index continued to rise, judging from the trend has tried the 90 mark asked if breaking the 90 mark (March 09 high), dollar index will hit the highest since April 2006, at the same time from the time period compared with gold and silver, down is amazing, not to judge whether it will come down to first, we need to consider is will the dollar index to 90.

any market will pay attention to the fundamental logic, attached great importance to price changes inherent in the logic of financial markets, when the market will disappear after certain basic factors, prices or indices tend to return to the previous position.

since 08 financial crisis, the Fed has undergone 3 quantitative easing, commonly known as QE1, QE2, QE3, and now the Fed has fully exited QE, come from the dollar index will return to logic before QE position? This possibility cannot be ruled out.
    dollar index is now running the target on the move, that is back to pre-QE the fed for the first level.

what about gold and silver? 08 end of gold is at $ 680, silver at $ 8.50, and gold and silver falling to this position, for now most people can see "accept".

instead of focusing on the positions of the gold and silver will fall to the end of 08, really might as well

continue to focus on the dollar index will test the 90 mark, because it logically has been fully established.

the judge after gold and silver, the ultimate goal is not late, investors make gold and silver lower shock preparation now.

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