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after Moody's lowered Italy's credit rating, one of the world's big three ratings agency, Fitch (Fitch) last Friday (December 12) France rating from "AA +" down to "AA", prospects for stability. The Agency also confirmed United Kingdom rating of "AA +", Outlook stable.

this was following the Moody's lowered Italy's credit rating, ratings of the other major economies in the euro zone was lowered again, which may exaggerate the market's concerns about eurozone economic recovery is faltering, if crisis again, are good anti-risk assets such as gold.

in addition, Greece Parliament on Wednesday (December 10) held the first round of the presidential election vote, reminded everyone of the eurozone debt crisis has not completely eliminated. The third and final round of voting is expected to be held on December 29.

If Greece Prime Minister Antonis Samaras (Antonis Samaras) nominated candidates obtained the required three-fifths in favour, will trigger an Assembly election polls in the latter case, the coalition against the aid of left-wing radical party is likely to win.

last week Greece 10-year bond yields up more than 9%, refreshing the highs for the year, and short-term Treasury yields higher. Also surging were Portugal's bond yields. But the 10-year Italy yields only about 2% on Friday, with Spain yields little more than 2%.

this week's European Union Summit to focus on economic weakness to end. For some analysts, best case scenario is that France and Italy promised more reform initiatives in boosting economic growth and further control the deficit, which the European Central Bank resorted to pave the way for a new weapon against deflation.

last week the European Central Bank under pressure to start printing money and buying sovereign debt further increased because of low interest loans provided by the Bank on its interest in flat.

the ECB provided € 400 billion in loans from the Bank this year, but received only about half of them. That Bank, the lack of confidence in the eurozone economy of small business loans.

European Central Bank policymakers have hinted that the Central Bank may start as soon as January banknote, but in Germany, led by a handful of countries are against it, fearing that printing money will lead to heavy debt burden has more reckless borrowing.

European Central banks are likely to take the prospect of QE means that this time is different from 2010-2012, don't like to worry about the crisis from spreading to other EU Member States fear is very high. In 2012, the European Central Bank had promised to "do all it can" to save the euro.

BNP Paribas (BNP) Chief Strategist Philippe Gijsels, "we are likely to see the Central Bank Act until next year. Draghi has seven weeks to unify the views of its members. I don't think he can finish the thing before Christmas. "

crude oil tumbled cry trigger a chain reaction of financial markets everywhere

United States crude oil futures on Monday (December 15) again plunged more than 1.5%, to below $ 57 a barrel; Brent crude-oil futures have plunged more than 1%, at one point as low as $ 60.55 a barrel.

IEA monthly report last Friday, 2015 global oil demand growth forecast by 230,000 barrels to 900,000 barrels a day, in anticipation of Russia and other oil-exporting country's fuel consumption will decline.

glut of world oil market, OPEC decided to maintain crude oil production goals last month, followed by the Group's three largest producers (Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait), continued revised downward its forecast for crude oil prices in Asia, discounted by at least six-year highs, Iraq Asian crude prices discounted even up to the highest level in 11 years. OPEC wanted oil prices lower to reduce United States crude oil production in order to maintain its market position. United States current production of crude oil at the fastest rate in 30 years.

oversupply concerns linger, to decline this week, oil city to extend. Analysts say oil prices below the lack of support, having fear of further weakness. Under the influence of oil prices recently plunged the ruble became the first "crash" monetary and other oil-related currency bet against future prospects and, in addition, Venezuela bonds and Dubai stock market crash, and Putin even warned that falling oil prices threaten global economic "collapse".

Venezuela prices refreshed record in 16 years, Venezuela five-year credit default swaps (CDS) surged, indicating 93% chance of default within five years. Dubai stocks plunge on Thursday to 7.4%, its biggest one-day drop in 2009, making it the recent slump in oil prices and a "victim". Thursday plunged almost finishing, the Dubai stock market from all of their gains in early February this year.

the fall in oil prices is rippling across the financial markets, the stock market dropped from the energy sector to other sectors, metals to corporate bonds slumped, investors may choose to safe-haven assets has been scarce.

United States stocks fell sharply Friday, index p 500 recorded its biggest weekly drop in May 2012. The Dow tumbled 315.51 points to 17,280.83, or 1.79%. European stock markets failed to survive, Pan-European merit 300 index closed down 2.6% at 1321.73 in 2014, all gains nearly gave up.

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