Two-way fluctuation trend of fluctuation of gold market

in 2014, the movement of gold prices attracted investors ' attention. In fact, judging from the whole of the previous year, international gold prices change is unlikely-the beginning of 2014 in the vicinity of $ 1200 an ounce, is also not far from 12,001 at the end. However, investors may be clear, gold price fluctuations can be for the full year is not small. International Gold top hit of the year 1390 USD/ounce, minimum fell to 11,301 line, the shock by as much as 20% above.

it can be said that how the game was fierce on both sides this year. And coincidentally is gold trading almost half and the second half was a "step" can be divided into four phases: first jog up, down, sideways, and then fell. From a fundamental viewpoint, as the dollar continued to strengthen and the downward pressure on rising international gold prices. But the short-term uncertainty (including geopolitical factors, and so on), and gold from time to time constitute a positive stimulus.

from the above analysis, 2015 investors the opportunity to operate more on the short-term. For example, from the end of price trends, despite the current market buying enthusiasm is not high (perhaps before the broken heart), and the strong dollar index stood above the 911 line, but "defensive" still appear. This "against common sense" short is likely to be the gold price still has rebound powered signal, investors should focus on tracking.

read the on-media gold price forecast for the new year, almost full screen is "badmouthing" of nature. Indeed, thanks to the Fed's rate hike "Broadsword" fall approached, above the gold price can be described as "cloud" is expected in the long term it is difficult to get rid of the color of the bear market. However, in this market environment, do not mean precious metals trading is completely unprofitable. When the greed of the market, and you want to keep the fear. And when the market fears, perhaps hidden opportunities.

at present, investors need to focus on whether there is a technical correction of the dollar index. The dollar index rallied for more than six months, once on a short-term "Lido", does not rule out a correction, buying precious metals market savings may also return in the first quarter. If, successfully breaking through the US $ 1200/ounce gold glimmer of resistance, probably will be the $ 20 for a "step", and gradually trying to climb. Of course, because of the risk assets gradually been favored gold copy early 2014 "trotting" rally the difficulty small gold short two-way volatility may be better.

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