Commodity prices continued to narrow range, gold and silver focus 200-day moving average

on Wednesday European time commodity prices continue trend of narrow range this week, the market lacked focus, commodity prices rose, 200-day moving average test for gold and silver. 10th average copper price support, but callback still faces pressure; gold and silver edged two trading days in a row, under the influence of the dollar in the short term, gold and silver gains may be limited.

lack of focus in the market as a whole, United States the coming earnings season, yesterday's United States aluminum fourth-quarter results were better than market expectations, but the stock still fell slightly, stocks surged earlier in the year after the correction, stock markets downturn might exert pressure on commodity prices. Europe reported eurozone third-quarter GDP annual rate final value and value before eurozone third-quarter GDP continues to shrink. European Central Bank and the Bank of England rate decision will be carried out tomorrow, is widely expected to keep interest rates unchanged, loose monetary policy environment is conducive to continuity in recent years of the bull market in commodity prices, commodity prices are expected to be banking rose after the rate decision.

the dollar's recent strength, gold and silver despite signs of bottoming, but a stronger dollar limited gains in gold and silver. Globally well-known investment banks also lowered 2013 gold silver price expected for 2013 gold and silver prices remain optimistic, gold and silver may be difficult in the short term there are eye-catching performances.

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