The new Millennium Futures: gold, silver rise in risk aversion to promote higher short-space shelter

By the rise in risk aversion on Monday us gold (1204.90, 0.90, 0.07%) prices higher. Domestic trading session in a row, main Shanghai gold futures contract closed 243.8 Yuan/g, silver main contract in Shanghai to close at 3521 Yuan/ton. Look in the Middle, Fed rate hike expected weaker trend, early United States released data reinforced market expectations for next year to raise interest rates. Due to the global economic growth as well as Greece might leave the euro zone worry, European stock market fell yesterday, rise in risk aversion higher gold, gradually approaching the Spring Festival in China, demand for physical gold, or better, on the formation of gold some support. On the operation, the technology has strong signs of short-term air temporarily withdraw, concerned over pressure. News, today focusing on United States November factory orders monthly rate.
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