Gold or silver will be driven by two factors were key to differentiation

Silver and gold price trend, however, the relationship between silver and gold 2014 may not be sustained. In obvious
silver lagging gold. In 2014, the silver down near 12%, while gold fell 1%. 2011 high, the silver has fallen by 67%, gold from high in the same period fell by only 37%.
industry professionals believe that silver prices rebounded sharply in the year 2015, for them, two key factors will drive the silver rose.
silver ETF investor interest is likely to be a key driver for silver. While silver prices plunged, investors continued in 2014 to keep exposure of silver. IShare silver ETF holdings in 2014 to maintain stability, and in November rose to 34.5 million ounces. This shows that individual investors tend to buy and hold the silver.
driver 2015 Silver's second big factor is the physical demand. Economic recovery in major economies might promote the physical demand of silver. Ethylene oxide industry and key industries such as electronics demand is expected to support prices for silver. Jewellery and silverware manufacturing industry likely to boost demand for silver to new highs.
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