2014 gold city "capricious" end of 2015 gold silver investment tips

Shenzhen is the country's largest gold jewellery production and processing base and trade centers, product processing, wholesale occupies the mainland market 70%, China has become the world's top gold consumption power. Poor regulation, domestic investment platform "impostors", behind price and other factors, China's gold market pricing power and voice is controlled by foreign markets. At present, the country is trying to "in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region," said Shenzhen qianhai zone into Asia-Pacific voice exchange of precious metals.

earlier this month, gold and silver trade to host former Chairman of Mr CHEUNG "gold and silver trade signing ceremony of qianhai in Shenzhen" will lead the first 68 clerks announced at Enterprise Group officially stationed in qianhai in Shenzhen. UK Gold as bullion trade A1 (76th) clerk, became one of the first settled in the sea before one of the precious metals dealer. After the meeting, the "King of the trend," said gold Chief Investment Officer Deng Weiji precious metals on the Mainland of England development and information network and sea issues such as precious metals platform before an interview.

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