2015 gold silver trends analysis

at the end of 2013, the price of gold at $ 20/oz, but many analysts expected 2014 silver prices will average $ 21/oz, in 2014, however, silver again suffered a sharp decline, averaging at 19.09 dollars/oz.
in fact start 2014 silver is not bad, at one point in the first quarter climbed to 22 dollars/Oz, only in September began a dramatic downward trend.

co-founder of PureFunds AndrewChanin believe that 2014 Silver's price performance was striking, "under such strong demand for and the supply of plain, silver prices could not be pushed up. "

Chanin thinks, the strong dollar is a silver is the main cause of the downturn, there are expectations of QE and the end of the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates.

in addition, in 2014, silver fixing system reform is the silver market a big point. Chanin thinks, is not yet said whether the new fixing system is successful, "I think that the original intention of changing is distrust of programs, I don't think the new system created a new level of trust. "

in addition to fixing prices in the past year, the silver market, some areas of concern, including FirstMajesticSilver delayed sales to protect gains, the Federal Reserve United States Eagle Silver coin sales record.
prices in 2015, Chanin believes that the silver market has a lot of positive factors, "the Association expects solar use 2015 World silver demand could reach 100 million ounces of silver, I think 2015 silver demand will set a new record, particularly investment demand, and I don't think supply can keep up with. ”

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