Strong dollar non-agricultural work together to attack the minutes of the gold market

London spot gold last trading day opened at 1182.51 dollars an ounce, up to $ 1195.09 an ounce, at $ 1167.77 an ounce, to close at $ 1188.64 an ounce, compared with the previous trading day closing price up $ 4.27, up 0.36%.

poor's 500-stock index fell 0.03%; WTI oil prices for February delivery closed down 1.1%, closed at $ 52.69 a barrel.

as of January 5, at 7 o'clock, gold ETF-SPDR 709.02 ton, December 29-30th, respectively reduction of 1.49 and 1.79 tons, holiday positions unchanged.

dollars steadily climbed, while oil city weak, makes gold bearing pressure, Europe stock callback, every low buying intervention makes Gold still station in 1180 above, dang week fed Conference summary of and the non-agricultural employment report to hit, gold faced test; Greece in January 25, 2015 ahead of election to European Bank whether in January 22 implementation more QE brings uncertainty, Russia, emerging market crisis and GEO, factors lurking, hedge became financial markets of important theme, Fundamentals supporting gold prices fluctuated.

technically, the volatile gold prices during the new year's day, 1161-1170 structural support at the bottom of the market, rail and short falls in the upper Bollinger wiring systems to suppress, future gold prices shall be effective on the 60-day moving average (1208), the bulls hope to turn the tide; k line each cycle and the index bullish signal is still active, intraday shorting is not recommended.

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