Gold fell Bank anticipation to gold money people rush

three-day new year's holiday, Wenzhou small consumer market blowout, in addition to gold and silver jewelry sales have skyrocketed in the shopping malls counters high this year with "sheep" Bank on the theme of anticipation to gold money, stamps, gold banknote also sells the unboiled water, public new year's new Favorites.

the "Golden RAM" drive consumer hot

final day of the may day holiday, wuma Wenzhou City, reporters visited a number of gold shops to see, but only stores the size of more than 10 square was packed with dozens of purchases and consultation of the public, each salesperson must accommodate five or six guests, busy, especially in young and middle-aged women, the majority of customers.

Gold counter staff at times square, new year's day holiday is peak season for gold sales, coupled with low gold prices this year, Mall sales promotion, consumer enthusiasm is running high.

salesman said: "these days, and" sheep "related accessories sold particularly well, such as lamb sheep Zodiac pendant, gold ornaments and other sales are usually five to 10 times. "Reporters saw these golden sheep jewelry counter display, each gentle sweet, delicate and meticulous.

Wang told reporters are shopping for gold jewelry, and every year she would buy for themselves a zodiac pendant, which has collected ten different pendants, natural this year will be no exception. "This year, the price of gold is the lowest in recent years, the same pendant the size of several hundreds of dollars cheaper than two years ago, starting with a good deal, I'm going to buy a few, to friends and relatives. "The

reporter has learned, currently on the market price of gold remained at 260 Yuan to 300 yuan per gram, many brands just gold also launched a fee waiver, specified goods discounts, promotions such as free gift from the full reduction, fulfilment, further boosted the sentiment.

Bank anticipation to gold money of the people new favorite

addition to the gold and silver jewelry store counter ushered outside the traditional sales season this year with "sheep"-themed Bank anticipation notes, the note-stamp gold of gold in the end emerged as a collection of investment, as well as new choices to give children money, attract consumer attention.

reporter learned from Wenzhou City, a number of banks, some large State-owned bank, joint-stock banks are money-exclusive gold sale price ranges in thousands to million. As ICBC Wenzhou Branch launched by Disney authorized issued of ICBC spring "Hi sheep sheep anticipation gold note leader 100 points", positive of "Hi sheep sheep", wearing China traditional clothing, head wearing coins decorative of officer CAP, "beauty sheep sheep", and "lazy sheep sheep" accompanied around, to "mission Fu", decorations for end of lines, meaning rich successfully, happiness harmony. Material selection of the happy goat Golden Au999, sheet 2 g, by national patent technology and ultra thin micro-embossed double-sided gold embossing, Python shaded dark security line, the world's first 3D holographic stereoscopic Imaging modeling three disruptive technology, has the extremely high artistic and cultural value to the collection, current 990 Yuan offer price promotions.

Industrial Bank (601166, unit) exclusive sales of Wenzhou branch by China National Philatelic Corporation issued the 2015 China, Shenyang Mint limited casting does not (sheep) year stamps of gold/silver coupon album, according to reports, the product released today, limited edition of only 400,000 units in the world, very collectible.

Wenzhou collection professionals, buy gold and silver commemorative mainly because of their stealth high value, such as the culture, character, education, edification and entertainment value, current at low gold prices, interested members of the public to make appropriate purchases, relatively speaking, banks buy safer, quality assurance.

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