Gold investment advantages

Gold investment advantages

1. Safety     is inherent and intrinsic gold value, and Millennium enduring stability, both natural and man-made disasters, gold's value forever. Stocks have fallen during the suspension, the company went bankrupt, but gold will not be worthless.
2. Liquidity     gold is a internationally recognized, is a world of absolute wealth, don't worry about buyer undertake, therefore, whether it is applied to the Bank for loans or pawn, this is the best collateral, it is easy to change.
3. Property transfer convenience    gold not like real estate as, dang let degrees people to by let people transfer property Shi must after complex cumbersome of property transfer procedures, paid large transfer tax, if is heritage, also must pay large heritage tax and the lawyer fee, and gold anyone are can public bought, also can like gift as for free to transfer, no any similar Yu registration system of hinder.
4. Tax advantages of    gold investments can be said to be the world's tax burden is the lightest of the investment project. In China, buying investment gold bullion, gold coin than buying consumer goods, fewer taxes value-added tax and special consumption tax of the tax burden. BACK
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